Curious enough to visit the Graduate site then? That's a great start

Smart? We'll keep this simple.

You're curious enough to look at things differently. Well, we see it that way too. We saw that the energy industry was cumbersome and confusing with poor customer service. We also saw that there was a better way to do things. Let's face it, there always is. And that's the reason that today thousands of customers are choosing our cheaper, greener, simpler approach.

Of course, revolutionising the energy industry isn’t easy. Making things simple for our customers creates challenges for us. But that's why we're here. And, if you think the same way, that's why we want you here too. You'll see those challenges as opportunities. And when it comes to opportunities, the team here at Ovo will tell you how much they thrive on delivering solutions that are reshaping the energy industry one customer at a time. But then, they’re curious types who relish a challenge, who like to ask questions and aren’t afraid of the answers because they know that there is always a better way.

And when it comes to better ways, you could do a lot worse than finding more out about our 2014 Development Programme.

You see...that's what the curious ones will do.

Did you knovo?

Our mission is to become the UK's most trusted energy supplier by 2020.

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